• Appropriate Facilities
  • Modern equipments and the technology of the day
  • Experienced medical team

For convenience of  patients and peoples, we provided facilities such as bank, coffee shop, taxi service, audiovisual, writing and copying, ATMs, chapels, ambulances, internet access and mobile charging stations inside takhtejashid Hospital.  

An experienced team of specialists in this hospital has tried to use Experienced manpower and modern medical equipments to provide appropriate services such as pneumatic transportation system (PTS), building management system (BMS), and comprehensive hospital information management system (HIMS).

This center with the experienced team of specialists with brilliant histories to make the aspiring patients as quickly as possible reach their desired therapeutic outcome.

International Patients Department (IPD)

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    Treatment Cost Control

    Before coming to Takht Jamshid Hospital, please note that the cost of excellent medical services in this hospital and generally, in Iran, is much lower than the cost of similar services in developed countries
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    Travel to Historical Cities of Iran

    Once traveling to Iran, in addition to receiving needed medical services, you can visit the historical monuments of Iran, the majestic palaces in Tehran and the neighboring cities.
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    International Patients Admission

    You can receive the information on coordination for travel to Iran and admission of your patient in Takht Jamshid Hospital.
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    Travel and Treatment Coordination

    Coordination for travel to Iran, treatment and return to the home country by

    International Patients Department

    Experts of Takht Jamshid Hospital
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    Welfare Facilities for the Patient and Their Companions

    For the welfare of the customers, we provide them with facilities such as English, Arabic and Turkish translators, possibility of ordering different foods, bank, taxi, etc.
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    Medical Technologies

    Takht Jamshid Hospital is equipped with the most advanced, up-to-date, world renowned brand equipment and uses modern technologies in diagnosis and treatment procedures.

The project of Takhte Jamshid Specialized Hospital started in 2004, with the capacity of 150 hospitalized beds and infrastructure of 12,000 square meters in two connected blocks.
The final stages of the project had been completed in 2013 and the hospital has been exploited. It is tried to use experienced manpower and modern medical equipment to provide appropriate services such as pneumatic transportation system (PTS), building management system (BMS), and hospital information management system (HIMS) in the hospital.


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  • Email: ipd@tjmedicine.org