Department introduction

Health Tourism

Health Tourism
Takhtejamshid Specialized Hospital integrates healthcare under one roof including modern diagnostic services, state-of-the-art treatments with world-class technology, and committed follow-up. As a result, it provides the most appropriate health services and easy access for people who seek centralized health care, especially in the countries of the region.


We have provided modern diagnostic services and up-to-date treatments in our well-equipped medical centers, with highly cost-effective medical care. We consider your satisfaction with the received health services as one of our objectives.


In addition to affecting the national identity, health tourism covers other aspects of the economy in countries, including job opportunities, increasing GDP, poverty reduction, and the spread of justice and social welfare in society


International Patient Department: Our team strives to take all necessary steps to provide special health services to foreign patients.


The goal of the International Patient Department: To provide safe care, timely diagnosis & treatment, with affordable costs for all foreign patients using reputable specialties & physicians, committed, educated and skilled staff, modern medical equipment, and appropriate facilities in a peaceful atmosphier. 


Members of the unit (International Patient Department=IPD):

Dean of IPD - Dr. S. Hashemi Aslani

Doctors of IPD - All the Hospitals' Doctors

Nursing Manager of IPD - Mrs N.Ojaghzadeh

In-Charge of IPD - Mrs Z. Doulatshahi

In-Charge of Public Relations - Mr. M. Heidari